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We have built an all-in-one solution for learning English online, IELTS master focusing on communication skills and IELTS test preparation.


Client: VietPhil Education Group

Type of product: Edutech website, Mobile application

Launched in: Vietnam

Languages: English

Technologies: Python (Django), Vue JS, React Native

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ICTS Custom Software had built, an Edtech web platform and application for English training focusing on communication skills and IELTS test preparation.

This product helps our client, VietPhil, provides an all-in-one solution for learning English online. It improves students' experience when participating in online classes to actively study anytime - anywhere - on any device with a more engaging, inclusive, and individualized learning experience.

Challenges for IELTS training center during the pandemic


  All classroom activities were suspended
   Edtech became the New Normal
  No applications support the full features set of a smart classroom such as Mock test, Assignments, Assessments, LMS all in one.


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Our Solution

We, ICTS Custom Software, have created an all-in-one ed tech web platform and mobile application with rich UI/UX features and a shallow learning curve by integrating ICT in teaching and learning activities.

AI-empowered assessment system of vocabulary practice, pronunciation tests, and smart recommendations.

User-friendly collaboration platform between teachers and students helping teachers follow up closely with students' progress in online environments.

Digitalize your education business

Follow our roadmap below!

Analyze the actual offline workflow

✓ Our business analyst will analyze the actual offline workflow in the client's organization.

✓Our client provided us with information about their teaching model and offline workflow.

✓ Once understand the offline workflow of the client, we will consult the client on the benefits of technology in education, and more specifically, the technology stacks that would fit the teaching model of our client.

Offline workflow

A step-by-step roadmap

✓ After analyzing, we will draft the digitalization roadmap.

✓ The roadmap is divided into many steps to help the client's staff and teachers onboard smoothly with the new digital working environment.

✓ With our experience, we foresee the challenges of training people in a nontech organization and accompany our client to overcome this challenge.

Step into the wireframe design

✓ We use wireframes to visualize all ideas and user experiences so the client can understand and catch the whole picture.

✓ A good wireframe is a combination of our insight on an edtech product and client insight on user demands for the use of technology in education.

✓ In this phase, we have taken into account seriously the wireframe of an all-in-one edtech web app, as our client is easily overwhelmed by possible ideas for the product.


The development phase

✓ Once the wireframe design is agreed upon by the client, we will step into the development phase.

✓ Besides developing essential features of an edtech platform, we also focus on digitalizing our clients' unique teaching methods as it will be their competitive advantage.

✓ While developing this product, digitalizing a massive amount of IELTS tests took much time of our assigned LMS developer.

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IELTS Master is our next growth path


Mr. Hung - CMO VietPhil Group

"Thanks to ICTS, we have overcome the turbulence of the education sector during the Covid19 lockdown. We look forward to collaborating more with ICTS in the near future, for other edtech products. "